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Holiday gift ideas for that foodie in your life.

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We all have this friend. You know, the one who you have on speed dial ‘cause they know where it’s at when it comes to happy hour, brunch, lunch, dinner—basically everywhere important in life (aka anywhere you can get food). This holiday season, it’s time to pay some respect. And no, we’re not talking about pourin’ one out for your homies. We mean hook a sista (or brotha) up by giving this special foodie something to say thanks for all the great advice they’ve given you this year. As the resident foodies of our own group, we can guarantee that this list is sure to please the gourmand in your life. And who knows, maybe they’ll thank you for your generosity with a home-cooked meal made with the help of a gift on this list! Because while it may be better to give than receive, it’s best to give, then receive. 

Fancy cooking swag

Your foodie not only knows the hot spots to go out to, but a lot of the time they are also great cooks themselves. This foodie probably has appliances that make your kitchen look like a college dorm room (curse you, fancy KitchenAid mixer), but they’re always down for more culinary wares. If you’re on a budget, this apron sporting the oh-so-clever ‘Chop it like it’s Hot’ phrase is a unique find that any pun-loving chef is sure to love. If you’ve got a little more room in your budget, you can hit up Williams-Sonoma for something impressive to add to their expansive collection of high-end kitchen accessories.These marble and copper cheese knives are the gift that screams “sophisticated AF,” and is perfect for showing off to guests at their next shindig.

Chop It Like It’s Hot Apron: $21.99

chop apron

Williams-Sonoma Copper Cheese Knives: $49.95


A recipe book

It seems as though 2016 was the year of the cookbook; even The Gilmore Girls have one (no joke – it’s a thing.) Everyone knows the only videos they watch on Facebook are those awesome micro-sized Tasty vids that leave us drooling every damn time, so what better way to say happy holidays than with a Tasty cookbook? Or, if this foodie person is as obsessed with Chrissy Teigen as we are, then her perfectly curated Cravings cookbook will be the best gift to add to their collection.

Eat Like A Gilmore Cookbook: $16


Tasty Cookbook: $25 


Cravings Cookbook: $18


Specialty ingredients

You know that foodie that can’t eat fries unless they’re seasoned with salt from the Dead Sea? After you give them the “get-a-grip” look, hit up Fresh Market (or even Neiman Marcus) for some specialty ingredients like White Truffle Olive Oil with Gold Flakes! You may not notice a difference, but your foodie will feel super official knowing that they’re gourmet. And Mini Sriracha keychains are also a great stocking stuffer for the person who always keeps hot sauce in her bag (swag).

 Unicorn & Friends Sea Salt: $22  


Sriracha Keychain: $8  


White Truffle Olive Oil with Gold Flakes: $75



This is a good gift for when you want to just tell that foodie that you’re thinking of them. Specialty jams are, like, so in right now, so why not gift a set of craft beer-infused jelly? Also, thanks to the Internet, you can order those hard-to-find snacks (Panda Cookies are life) as an ideal prezzy for that cookie monster in your group.

Hello Panda: $1.34


Craft Beer Jelly set of 4: $30      


The thoughtful gift card

Okay, normally gift cards can be pretty tacky and kind of an “F you” to the recipient, especially if you’re unaware of their tastes. However, if you know this foodie blows their life savings at a certain spot, like your local brewery (we love J. Wakefield, cough cough), a gift card may keep them from filing for bankruptcy. If beer ain’t their cup of…well, beer, you can’t really go wrong with the spheres of sugary deliciousness that are known as doughnuts. And we’re not just talking about a good ‘ol gift card to Dunkin Donuts—we mean get this special foodie a GC to Miami’s (and maybe even America’s) favorite doughnut shop, the Salty Donut. They’ll be so thrilled at the trendy photo opp, and who knows—maybe you can convince them to take you once they decide to cash in. #Score.

Brewery Gift Card: $25 – $500   


Salty Donut: Starting at $20


So no matter what you get your FBFF (foodie best friend forever, duh) we all know it’s really a present for the both of you. And if you’re feeling extra generous (or just flushed with cash) feel free to send us one of these gifts, bestie.

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    Loved it! One of the most unique voices I’ve heard in awhile….hilarious, witty and clever. Made me want to buy her everything on the list!

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