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How to Say Goodbye to Summer

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Unless you’re psychopath one of those overly enthusiastic shoppers who ogles at the Christmas decorations put out in stores come fall, I think we can all agree saying goodbye to summer is a bit of a heartbreak. No more tanning sessions, giant swan pool floats or Bachelor in Paradise (*gasp*). Whether you gave up on your summer bod goals early into the game or are already anticipating 2018 because your zodiac f*cked you over (2017 was supposed to be my year dammit!), neither means you’re quite ready to bid adieu to summer yet. So here are a few ways to make saying your goodbyes a little less painful.

Throw a party. Simple and sweet: This is your last chance to throw the most epic end-of-summer splash bash. Whether it’s a pool party or BBQ (why not both?), chances are you’re going to need at least three days to celebrate. LDW for the win.


Spend time in nature. Before the weather cools off or hurricane season hits its peak, try making the most out of being outside while the weather’s still hot and humid decent out. I’m talking swimming, bike rides, rollerblading; become one with nature and your inner yogi-self. If none of this is your thing, that’s okay too. Personally, the closest you’ll find me in “nature” is either at the beach or patio of my favorite bar, but whatever floats your boat — ooh, def go out on the boat too!


Hit up the last of Miami Spice. For us in South Florida, waterfront dining is a year-round option, but not everyone is as important fortunate as we are, so keep that in mind when you’re making your next reservation. September is the last month of restaurant deals, so it’s the prime time to get in that boozy outdoor brunch at a discounted price. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of frosé, aka the hottest drink of the summer, and feel free to spoil yourself with drunk ice cream after. Yay, for summer treats!


Get excited for fall. As far as I’m concerned, this is actually the best season. With football, sweater weather and pumpkin-spice everything (yeah, I wear Uggs sometimes too, sue me), the coming of autumn calls for the inevitable yet essential favs such as flannel, pumpkin-carving with bae and spiked cider. Of course, not everyone thrives off these basic necessities but instead enjoy the simpler things in life, such as the best end-of-summer shopping deals. Despite seasonal changes, there’s no heartache a shopping spree can’t fix.


Although we all may shed a tear (and rightfully so) at summer’s departure, just remember that once you’ve finished throwing your end-of-summer banger, it’s time to plan your Halloween party!

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