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The ultimate music festival survival guide.

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If you’re a festival virgin, preparing for this euphoric life-changing experience can be intimidating. What do I wear? Who should I go with? What drugs supplies do I take? So many tough decisions. Luckily, we’ve been through more than our fair share of festivals to make sure you don’t make the same rookie mistakes we did our first time. So, whether you’re planning to camp out at Bonnaroo or take a selfie with the Jenners at Coachella, we’ve got the ultimate survival list to help you get through this festival season alive.

Find someone with a Camelbak

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Although you want to come in strong and chug alcoholic beverages so you get that *buzz* going as soon as you walk through those gates, don’t underestimate the power of WATER. Hydrating during a festival is key to making it through the day so you can watch the closing act (and actually remember it). That said, this magical H20 at festivals can get pricey. We recommend looking for that typical frat bro wearing nothing but a Camelbak and a pair of jorts. Find this unicorn and you’ve got yourself an endless supply of water. Just make sure it’s not spiked—unless you’re into that kind of thing…we don’t judge.

DO NOT wear sandals


No matter how cute your gladiators may be, don’t do it. Not only will you look like a pata sucia, you’re bound to get stepped on. Our favs to wear are combat boots or Converse (just NOT WHITE). Go for something comfortable, cute, and most of all, something that will protect your feet. Don’t ruin that perfect pedi just because your lace-up sandals match your flower crown.

Don’t try to get to the front

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Unless you get to the festival before the gates even open and you stay at one stage all day, it’s not worth it. Stake out a spot in the back or on a hill and dance the day away in the wide-open air. You’re free, able to breathe and can even sit in the grass when you get tired. If you do insist on getting to the front, we ask you please be polite about it; no one likes to be shoved and pushed just because your train of 15 friends are trying to taste Lana Del Rey’s sweat.

Bring a battery pack

phone charger

Because if you didn’t Snap your way through Coachella, did you even go? Don’t be that girl whose phone dies and then can’t find her way home—stash an extra phone charger or mobile battery in your faux leather fannypack. Trust us, it’s not fun getting lost in a festival with 90,000 people, because let’s be real: Do you even know anyone’s number by memory other than your mom? Bad move.

BONUS TIP: Score VIP tickets (or make friends with security)

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If you’re cool enough to have connections in life that can provide you with the luxury that is VIP, congratulations, you’ve just upped your festival game. Because who wants to be walking around the festival grounds like a pack of sheep when you can sit in a lounge next to Dillon Francis and pee in the Cadillac of port-a-potties? If your contacts couldn’t come through with the VIP lifestyle, make friends with someone who works there. Once, I was able to get on stage next to Kaskade just because I was nice to the security guard at the gate (Maybe my push up bra helped?). Of course, then other people started asking questions, and they kicked me out. But though it was short-lived, I got to experience the festival like a VIP and now I’ll never go back to being basic.

No matter which festival you attend, we promise you this list will get you through your weekend of raging. If you’re planning a trip to a festival, you’re gonna want to prep a few weeks in advance: hydrate, tan and get your outfit game on point. And if you end up stranded with a dead cell phone, broken flip-flops and a serious case of dehydration, well, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!


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