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Unconventional gifts to buy Mom for Mother’s Day.

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Listen up, my fellow last minute shoppers: Mother’s Day is less than a week away and I don’t need to tell you that your mom deserves something real special this year. Time to ditch traditional gifts like jewelry and flowers (maybe don’t get rid of the chocolate, though) and spruce up her day with something a little more creative. So make your siblings jealous this year with some of these thoughtful, original gifts and you’ll be sure to land the coveted “favorite” child title…at least until you f*ck up again.

Jumbo Wine Glass

Instead of a classic glass that she probably owns a million of, opt for one that fits the whole damn bottle. You can order gigantic glasses on Etsy or Amazon and still have time to get it shipped by the weekend. (Thank Gawd for Amazon Prime.) The colors and styles are to die, so whether you prefer red or white (I prefer bedazzled) this gives mom an excuse to “just have one.”


Coasters with Your Own Pictures

We’re talking custom printed coasters: family vacation pics, pets, even memes to place your beverage on! That is, if your mom knows what a meme is (mine sure as hell doesn’t). My brother’s girlfriend made these for my mom and even though it wasn’t a gift for me, she completely won me over that Mother’s Day (though I’m a little peeved I didn’t think of the idea first). Check out your local CVS or Walgreens for this one-of-a-kind gift.



Spa Day

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t as unconventional, but if your mom is a f*cking masochist like mine, a deep tissue massage and eyebrow threading might just be what she needs on her special day. In fact, she maybe even be too relaxed to bug you about your lack of a boyfriend, job, or whatever you’re doing wrong in life these days.


Homemade Coupon Book

Ballin’ on a budget? Nothing gets a mom as teary-eyed as an originally crafted gift. The idea of the homemade coupon book is that you come up with your own coupons for mom that she can redeem at any time. Make it personal with things you know she’d especially like: a home-cooked meal of her choice, cleaning the entire house or a free hug (yes, I’m corny). You (and your wallet) can thank me later.


Flash Tattoos

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that flash tattoos are the temporary jewelry-inspired tattoo craze. This year for Mother’s Day, this company will donate 5 percent of proceeds to the Miracle Foundation in your mom’s name to help support and change the lives of orphans worldwide. Not only will mom be blingin’ out, but both her heart (and yours) will shine just as bright.


While your friends are purchasing last-minute gift cards or wrapping up “World’s Best Mom” mugs, just know that with these genuine gift ideas, there won’t be a dry eye in the room. Time to get to shopping and crafting, ladies!  

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